Driving Success Together: The Sokal and Subaru Digital Program Partnership

· Written by Annika Bardaxis

Sokal is proud to announce its partnership with Subaru to deliver unparalleled marketing strategies tailored for Subaru dealerships across the US.

SOKAL-DECK-012924-DeviceMockup-Subaru (1)

The collaboration leverages Sokal's innovative Momentum Digital Ad Platform, encompassing paid search, programmatic display, social media marketing, and Connected TV/OTT, to empower Subaru dealerships with data-driven strategies and customized automotive advertising.


Key Highlights of the Partnership:

  • Momentum Digital Ad Platform: Utilizing Sokal's cutting-edge platform, Subaru dealerships gain access to optimized Paid Search campaigns on Google and Bing, VIN-specific inventory ads on social media, and dynamic retargeting solutions to enhance visibility and capture leads effectively.
  • Premium Support: Sokal's dedicated account managers and US-based digital experts provide round-the-clock support, ensuring white-glove service, performance monitoring, and emergency assistance for Subaru dealerships.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: The partnership offers a full suite of digital solutions, including SEO services, creative design, and advanced audience targeting, to drive brand awareness, engage potential buyers, and maximize ROI for Subaru dealerships.
  • Access to Award-Winning Production + Creative Team: Whether you’re looking to localize Tier 1 assets or create a visual story unique to your dealership, we have a full team of in-house experts for production, design, and creative to meet your needs.


Emma Voice, Director of OEM Programs here at Sokal recently stated, “We’re so honored to join the Subaru Certified Digital Program as a true testament to everything we bring to the table as a digital partner - many of our Subaru stores have been dedicated clients of ours for many years and now to be able to bring the same white glove service and performance that they know and love but in-program, makes it that much sweeter.”


Sokal is extremely excited to grow this partnership with Subaru and with our clients by giving them the best possible provider. To learn more about the Subaru program with Sokal please contact us below!