Sokal is back from NADA 2024!

· Written by Annika Bardaxis

The NADA Show is the biggest automotive conference in the country and a place for dealers to learn more about what's offered in tech and from manufacturers for the upcoming year. There are many educational opportunities through speakers and workshops regarding different dealership departments. The expo had over 500 exhibitors and over 90 workshops that could be attended throughout the three-day conference. This year's show was from February 1-4 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Sokal selected “The Difference is Clear” as their theme for NADA 2024. Unlike the heavy visual themes of previous years, such as our sports-inspired “Gamechangers” theme of 2023 and our vintage car-inspired “Premium Service” theme of 2022, this year we selected the metaphorical theme to focus on what sets Sokal apart as an advertising agency with our clients. To translate this theme to a physical booth, we emphasized a clean and modern appearance with heavy Sokal branding throughout.


NADA Sokal Booth


The theme was a huge success, as many people stopped by to admire the booth and play the claw machine to win prizes. The clear fanny packs and bags were a big hit! The claw machine opened the door for conversations on what advertising a potential client used, all while the fun of trying to win a gift card was at stake.


NADA Sokal banner images


Chris Scott spoke about this year's trip, stating, “We witnessed an unprecedented surge in foot traffic at NADA this year, marking it as Sokal's most illustrious year for fostering dealer relationships.” Our team was able to give demos and explain our processes to a variety of prospective clients on the expo floor. 


From testing out a new booth theme to having a variety of new Sokal employees attend, Sokal had some major wins. We were also able to gain many new client contacts and see what other agencies are providing to ensure we remain competitive in the industry. All in all, NADA 2024 was a great experience for gaining new industry insight and meeting prospective clients!


Find out why the Difference is Clear with Sokal for yourself and contact us today if you are interested in learning more about our advertising services.