Sokal Achieves Google Premier Partner Status!

· Written by Annika Bardaxis

Sokal proudly announces its recent achievement as a Google Premier Partner, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to delivering exceptional digital marketing solutions. By becoming a part of the Google Partners program, Sokal has gained access to training, support, and resources that empower us to position our clients for success, and helps us stand out as leaders in the industry. 

Being part of the Google Premier Partner tier means Sokal is within the top 3% of participating companies in terms of Performance, Spend, and Certifications. This distinction displays Sokal's dedication to excellence and distinguishes it as a trusted agency in the realm of digital advertising.



As a Premier Partner, our team gains access to specialized training and certification opportunities provided by Google. This ensures that our professionals remain at the forefront of industry trends, equipped with the latest advertising techniques and strategies to drive optimal results for our clients.


One of the key advantages of being a Premier Partner is access to exclusive industry reports and data analytics tools offered by Google. These insights help Sokal to develop more informed and effective digital advertising strategies, tailored to the unique needs and goals of each client.


Michaela Mundorf, the Director of Digital and Strategic Marketing here at Sokal recently stated, “We’re very excited about our Google Premier Partner status and the benefits we’ll extend to our clients in the coming year.  I am so proud of our Digital Advertising department and the work that they’ve put into developing and maintaining our robust range of products. This status simply serves to emphasize our dedication to excellence for our clients.”


The Premier Partner badge serves as a powerful endorsement of Sokal's expertise and commitment to quality. It instills trust and confidence in clients, reaffirming Sokal's status as a reliable partner dedicated to delivering superior results. As we start on this exciting new chapter, we remain committed to providing cutting-edge digital marketing solutions that drive tangible results and exceed expectations. 


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