· Written by Drew Wilson

There are many ways for digital platforms can change business strategies. It can be difficult to decide which practices are necessary to adopt and which may be a waste of your company's time. Being that blogs are most notably relevant as a hobby for personal use, blogging may be misinterpreted as an informal business practice.

No different than the widespread uptake of social media sweeping businesses nationwide, there are strategic benefits that can come from launching a blog on your website. Here are three helpful blogging points to consider from a digital marketing standpoint.

(1) Blogs Are A Source Of Information

Oftentimes, it is hard to say everything about a product or service on the web page where that service lives. Those pages are meant to briefly describe what the product or service is so that your viewers can quickly decide if it is something they want to learn more about. Blogging is one area where they can learn more about those products or services!

Sometimes visitors will be hesitant to submit a website form accessing for a phone call or email. They may not have all of the details they need to make a thorough decision on your company, your product, or your service. But leading visitors to a service-specific blog can help you build credibility while also informing the reader about why they need that specific service.

(2) Blogs Can Be A Source For New Leads

How can blogs help you generate leads and sell your inventory? Again, with product or service-specific blog posts, you can give customers valuable information about upgrades in newer product releases. Accessibly offering the information that customers are looking for can be an effective way to attract new clientele. HubSpot reports that blogs have been rated the 5th most trusted source of accuracy in terms of important online information, which can make your blog a selling point for potential customers. 

When you provide the information (mentioned up in point one) that customers want to see, it allows them to have a consistent source to come back to and even share to other friends, clients, partners, and more.

(3) Blogs Are Great For Promotion

How can blogs help promote company success? Because most experts work both on and off of company location to improve business morale and increase local brand awareness, blog posts can be a sufficient way to digitally preserve your external business efforts. You can use a company blog to spread the word about your product offerings, important business news, upcoming events, new service releases, philanthropic community involvement, and so much more.

Having a landing place for all of this information can also create a reference point for new customers hoping to explore your company’s history and practices. Additionally, these blog posts can serve as a shareable source of information that you can easily link to your email blasts and social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and others. Growing your social media presence through blog posts can help you effortlessly do twice as much for your business.

How To Get Started Blogging

Blogs are known as an exceptional way to improve your website’s SEO value and increase your overall search visibility; blog posts contain large segments of valuable content, which are essential for moving your site up on local search listings. If you don't have the capability to start blogging on your own, having a marketing agency manage your blog is a great way to ensure that your posts are professionally written, aesthetically pleasing, and improving your site health.

Digital marketing agencies, like Sokal, also have access to valuable tools like Moz that will help them target keywords and track how your search visibility improves over time. Partnering with an agency can also save you the hassle of taking up valuable in-house company time so that you can focus on what is most important to your business.

If you want to start blogging on your own, there are a ton of helpful resources and videos to help you isolate topics, word-count, posting schedule, and everything else that comes with a well-thought-out blog. 

Things To Remember:

Blogs happen to be one of the most accurate sources of data and helpful information, as well as another avenue of promotion for your business. To promote the growth of your business, make sure you have a live blog on your website. If you want to improve your website health and reach more customers, blogging might just be the best place to start. While it may be time consuming to create a successful blog, partnering with a digital marketing agency, like Sokal, allows you to focus on growing business while experts take care of your bog.