Sokal Webinar Series: Chevrolet Guideline Updates

· Written by Annika Bardaxis

This week, Sokal started its first-ever webinar series based on manufacturer updates regarding compliance and guidelines for co-op reimbursement. In this first webinar, Annika Bardaxis speaks with three different Sokal team members, each from a different department, to teach viewers more about what the new Chevrolet guidelines can mean for dealerships. 



Annika first spoke with Katie Otto, Account Coordinator Manager, to discuss what to expect with these new guideline changes. Katie has worked with Chevrolet clients since 2019 and specializes in industry knowledge and manufacturer compliance. Katie solidifies the importance of brand compliance and urges dealerships to comply with the new Chevrolet guidelines to avoid receiving major violations or missing out on co-op funds. Katie also emphasizes the new tagline “Together Let’s Drive” in replacement of the decade-old tagline “Find New Roads” and what the new requirements are for the wordmark. 


Annika then goes on to speak with Sydney Spann, Senior Graphic Designer and Head of Approvals here at Sokal. Sydney works with the graphic design approvals team to ensure that all brand standards are being met for each manufacturer. Sydney covers the new Chevrolet bowtie logos and the usage for each brandmark, whether it's in a dealer lockup or the “Together Let’s Drive” lockup. All dealer logos should be switched to the new Chevrolet bowtie immediately. 


Finally, Annika speaks with Associate Creative Director Zack Titka to go over what these new guidelines mean in terms of color, font, and even shape. The new color palette discussed is made to mimic the actual color of Chevrolet vehicles, which they are recommended to be used in unison. The new Chevrolet rhombus is used to display these colors in all different types of advertisements, even an animated rhombus sequence! 


Zack later expressed, “Staying on top of brand standards is a priority at Sokal. We always want to make sure our clients are up to date with the most current guidelines. We hope this webinar helps put some visualization to what is often a very dense brand packet. Chevy was no exception, and we're excited about some of the new things that they rolled out!”


Sokal is very excited to continue this webinar series and allow for more educational purposes in the future. We hope you greatly enjoyed learning more about Chevrolet with us and if you have any further questions or would like to see your manufacturer represented next, please reach out below!