· Written by Drew Wilson

Last year Apple announced upcoming changes to their iOS 14 operating system that will impact how businesses receive and process conversion events (data collection) from apps, the most notable being Facebook. On previous versions of iOS, data collection/tracking was automatically enabled and did not require any interaction from the user. Beginning later this year, Apple will require that all apps in the App Store show a discouraging prompt to users on iOS 14 regarding privacy. Apple’s policy will prohibit certain data collection unless people specifically opt into tracking through the pop-up prompt. The expectation is that most people will chose to opt out of sharing their personal data.


Most people can agree; data privacy and security are a good thing and important to everyone.  However, this comes at cost, limiting the ability of advertisement personalization. This change will complicate many digital marketing plans, specifically small businesses without the necessary resources to adapt to these changes. As a leader in the digital marketing field, we are constantly evolving to stay ahead of any changes that may affect the performance of your digital advertising.  We will continue to adjust our strategies through our various digital channels to obtain the highest ROI possible while still giving you the ability to target audiences.


At this time, there is no action required. We have already begun verifying your domains and will reach out to you directly should there be any action required from you.  For any questions or concerns regarding the iOS update and how it affects you, please contact your Account Manager.