As a business, you want to take advantage of every online media available to you. Some work better than others; some are easier to engage with; and some may not bring you very much business at all. But, despite having yet another task on your to-do list, updating and optimizing your Google My Business account will add value to your online presence in a way that other social media outlets cannot. So what are the practical advantages that come with Google My Business?

(1) Google My Business Is Free To Use

While you may want to enlist a company (like Sokal) to handle your posting and updating, there is no additional cost to having a Google My Business account. This service allows you to manage how your business information will look on Google searches and Maps.

You can reveal as much or as little information to your viewers as you would like, such as products, services, business hours, phone numbers, website links, and much more. Even if you have multiple locations, you only need one account—you will just need to verify each location manually. Make sure that every piece of information is listed accurately.

(2) Google My Business Makes Engaging With Your Audience Easy

Google My Business is an outlet where customers and other users can post reviews, ask questions, and view tangible aspects of your company. You can reply to questions and reviews quickly and directly without having to search for a person's email address.

You can also post images and videos of your company’s location, the products or services you offer, and anything else you deem worthy to show visitors. In fact, Google states that businesses that post images gain "35% more clicks through to their website than businesses that don't."

As of November 2018, Google My Business now supports businesses that will be opening to the public soon. Your business listing can now appear in Google's search results up to 90 days before the official opening date. Potential customers have the same ability to ask questions and look at the pictures and products just as if the business were open.

This listing is also easy to set up! Search Engine Journal provides a 3-step process to get your business listed on Google. Once the 90 days are over, the listing status will be switched to "recently opened" without ever having to worry about updating your information.

(3) Google My Business Is Related To Local Search Engine Optimization

As we stated in a previous post, Google My Business has a direct correlation to local SEO. Since a lot of users are going to consult a search engine first (and most likely Google), it is important for your company’s information to show up when someone types in the words related to your services or products. By utilizing Google My Business, you have the potential of showing up in what is called the ‘knowledge panel’.

The area below the search bar will display your Google My Business information as well as pictures, reviews, and other important aspects of your account. Again, adding images will help increase your chances of a higher click-through-rate since users will have a direct visual correlation with your company instead of a basic hyperlink to your website.

Things To Remember:

There is no need to worry about advanced payment options when it comes to Google My Business. The service is free to use and instantly adds value to your online presence. While it may take some time to make sure your information is accurately displayed, the data is attributed directly to Google in one safe and secure place.

If you want to use this service but don’t have time for the upkeep, Sokal can help maintain your Google My Business account while providing one relative post per week. Send us a message to find out more information on our SEO offerings. We can work together to find a package that best suits your needs.

If you want to learn more about Google My Business, High Level Marketing and Hubspot both have helpful resources on how to get started! And of course, Sokal can help you too!